2018 Housing Forecast

I feel fortunate to have Chief Economist Matthew Gardner on staff to provide valuable analysis of the economy and housing market. Matthew recently completed his national forecast which details his predictions for the 2018 housing market.


Posted on January 18, 2018 at 11:21 pm
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43% of King County Real Estate Transactions Involve Multiple Offers

Multiple offers are no longer the exception in the King County housing market. My most recent listing garnered 29 offers from buyers- 29! I was able to efficiently guide my clients through this process due to my 18 years of real estate experience in the greater Seattle area.  

Having an experienced real estate broker representing you is imperative in a multiple offer situation, for both buyers and sellers. Windermere Real Estate brokers work diligently for their clients, and those representing buyers 19% more likely to win transactions involving multiple offers. Also, local brokers are more confident in completing a transaction with a broker from Windermere than they are with any other real estate company.

Do you have questions about navigating our fast paced real estate market? Email me at andrewj@windermere.com – or give me a call at 206-650-4939 – so we can set up a time to go out for coffee and discuss your questions. 

 2015 Multiple Offer Market Share Growth

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Home Sellers – Professional Photography Is A MUST!

photographer-424623_960_720One of the most important tools I bring to the table as a listing agent is professional photography. I schedule a photo session with a real estate photographer for every home I list. Today’s curb appeal is digital, and if you don’t have quality photos of a home online then it will be difficult to get buyers through the door. Professional photography is key to creating the necessary curb appeal that will lead to a timely sale of your home.   

There’s work to be done before I can schedule the photo shoot, so I can present your home in its best light. Another tool I’ve gained from my 18 years in real estate is the ability to help sellers get their home ready to be professionally photographed.  Realtor Magazine published a helpful article that outlines 5 things that need to be done to achieve the best quality photos of a home you can, and these 5 items are so important. They are all part of what I do to help your home be ready to say “Cheese!”

  1. To get the best photos you need quality equipment and editing software, aka hire a pro photographer!
  2. Your knickknacks are not photogenic. In real estate photography, less is more.
  3. Dirt really shows in photos. Really, it does.
  4. The weather a few days before the photo session is just as important as the day of.
  5. Those little details do count – do a final sweep through the house before the photo session.

Click here to read the whole Realtor Magazine article. 

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