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Real Estate Q1 2020 Reports: Market Update   As we are fully entrenched in a new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to note that the Q1 stats you see are based on pre-coronavirus closed sales activity and therefore largely untouched by our current market reality.   While Q1 serves as a pre-coronavirus benchmark, Q2 and Q3 will more accurately […]
Real Estate Q3 2018 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Report   As Q3 comes to a close, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are at their highest levels since April 2011—now averaging just above 4.7%. Even so, they are still far lower than their 30-year trendline. A 1% increase in mortgage interest rates decreases buying power by 10%. Or said differently, a 1% rate increase has the same […]
Home Seller 2018 Housing Forecast I feel fortunate to have Chief Economist Matthew Gardner on staff to provide valuable analysis of the economy and housing market. Matthew recently completed his national forecast which details his predictions for the 2018 housing market.  
Matthew Gardner Report Western Washington Real Estate Market Update This blog post originally appeared on Windermere Blog, author Matthew Gardner. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Annual employment growth in Washington State slowed somewhat in the third quarter of this year, but still remains well above the long-term average. Additionally, the jobs that are being created are primarily quality, high-paying positions, which is important for the health of […]
Home Seller 43% of King County Real Estate Transactions Involve Multiple Offers Multiple offers are no longer the exception in the King County housing market. My most recent listing garnered 29 offers from buyers- 29! I was able to efficiently guide my clients through this process due to my 18 years of real estate experience in the greater Seattle area.   Having an experienced real estate broker representing […]
Seattle Real Estate 2016 Remodel Cost Versus Value Report 2016 Remodel Cost Versus Value Report   Did you know that some home improvement projects can pay for themselves, or even earn you a profit when it’s time to sell? According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report for Seattle ( certain upgrades may increase your home’s resale value by more than what they […]
Seattle Real Estate Matthew Gardner’s Western Washington Real Estate Market Update I know many of you are wondering why we have seen such an increase in housing cost and lack of inventory.  Well just take a few minutes to read Matthew's report.  Western Washington continues to grow in the job sector especially in the tech markets.   The Washington State economy has added almost 370,000 jobs […]
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